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Beyond the Bell Toolkit-Thrid Edition for Afterschool Program Directors and Site Coordinators

A new and improved Beyond the Bell is coming on May 21, 2014!

Beyond the BellĀ® is a suite of professional development services, products, and practical tools designed to help afterschool program leaders and staff create and sustain high-quality, effective afterschool and expanded learning programs. AIR takes the guesswork out of designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving your program by staying abreast of the research on what works in afterschool and expanded learning programs and turning that information into accessible improvement tools. The 4th edition Toolkit is practical, easy-to-use, and contains great information about program management, design, partnerships, delivery, evaluation, and improvement. The Beyond the Bell Toolkit, 4th Edition is designed to help afterschool and expanded learning program leaders and staff adopt a model of continuous improvement. It contains 96 tools that are ready to use and has a set of related trainings.

Beyond the Bell Products

Beyond the Bell Toolkit

Beyond the Bell Toolkit (with CD-ROM and five free Staff Workbooks)
The Beyond the Bell Toolkit is a practical resource for managing every aspect of your afterschool program. Whether you are a program director or a site coordinator, the Beyond the Bell Toolkit will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need. Resources are available in the areas of management, collaboration, evaluation, communication, linkages with the school day, family involvement, and staff development in the form of program design and delivery. The Toolkit also contains a CD-ROM with tour video segments on linkages to the school day and electronic versions of all the tools so they can be easily modified. Each Toolkit comes with five free copies of our Beyond the Bell Staff Workbook for designing high-quality activities; the Staff Workbook is the companion piece to the staff development section of the Toolkit.

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Beyond the Bell Staff Workbook
The Beyond the Bell Staff Workbook helps afterschool staff learn how to design high-quality activities and how to modify their current activities to improve student learning and engagement. It is divided into two sections: program design and program delivery. The program design section focuses on the activities, including homework help and tutoring, academic enrichment, recreation, and more tips for additional programming. The program delivery section teaches staff how to design programs and activities while incorporating youth development principles, intentionality, and choice as well as how to use reflection to improve their own performance. Additional tips are included to help manage behavior and work with specific student populations. All aspects of the Staff Workbook come with easy-to-use tools and exercises that will help staff to think through the many issues involved in designing high-quality programs and activities.

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Beyond the Bell Website
The Beyond the Bell website (login required) provides online access to all of the tools contained in the Beyond the Bell Toolkit as well as online-exclusive tools, links and resources, and a discussion forum where afterschool practitioners can talk about their programs and upload tools of their own for others to use. All afterschool programs that purchase a Beyond the Bell Toolkit receive a free two-year subscription to the Beyond the Bell website.

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