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4th edition New topics

  • Conducting a market analysis and identifying assets and needs
  • Partnering with the school, families, and the community
  • The Common Core State Standards and what they mean for afterschool and expanded learning
  • Youth development principles and practices
  • Updated communication strategies using social media
  • Additional program types: creative arts, health and wellness, and personal and social skills
  • Using your evaluation for continuous improvement

AIR’s Beyond the Bell Toolkit is practical and easy-to-use, and contains great information for program leaders who want to start or improve an afterschool and expanded leaning program. It is designed to be a resource for program leaders from both community-based and school-based programs.

Information in the Toolkit is designed to promote continuous quality improvement. The content reflects a cycle of continuous improvement: it helps program leaders and staff members develop a program using sound processes, implement the program by employing high-quality practices, rigorously evaluate the implementation of the program, and use the data from the evaluation activities to continually improve the program.

The Toolkit is divided into six stand-alone chapters:

Chapter 1: Management
Chapter 2: Program Design
Chapter 3: Partnerships and Collaboration
Chapter 4: Program Delivery
Chapter 5: Evaluation
Chapter 6: Program Improvement

The Toolkit contains 96 ready-to-use tools. Sample tools include Defining Advisory Board Purpose, Program Schedule, Sample News Release, Youth Preference Survey, Evaluation Report Template, Tips for Running Good Focus Groups, and Continuous Improvement Reflection Tool. Each Toolkit comes with access to our online site where you will find each tool in Microsoft Word format. Flash drives with the preloaded tools are also available for purchase. 

The Beyond the Bell Toolkit is grounded in a strengths based approach to youth development principles and practices. The guidance, tools, and associated Beyond the Bell professional development services aim to capitalize on the strengths of staff members, young people, their families, and the community.

The Toolkit is designed to help afterschool and expanded learning program leaders and staff adopt a model of continuous improvement.

Quality Improvement Cycle Graphic

Though the Toolkit may be used as a standalone resource, AIR also offers training on how to best use the information and associated tools. To learn more about our series of professional development opportunities designed to help program leaders and staff implement practices in the Beyond the Bell Toolkit effectively, visit the Services page.


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